We are all whole, lacking nothing, complete and enough just as we are. But so often we feel broken or inadequate, like something’s missing. And in our natural desire to feel whole, we begin searching for that missing piece, that special something that will complete us. Sometimes our search will lead us to relationships. We think, if only we could find that perfect someone or keep crowds of friends, we would feel complete. We may say yes too quickly to opportunities to be involved and leave little time to relax. Or we try to numb the pain and find peace by reaching for a substance or adopting behaviors from shopping to social media to gambling to video games. We go to many lengths to fill that void or to help us feel connected; but at the root of it all is that we have lost connection with ourselves. We have lost, or never discovered, our own authenticity.  

When we peel off each layer that we have added throughout years and years of trying to hide our feelings of being incomplete, lacking, disconnected, or flawed, and we get to know who we truly are - our essential values and purpose and passions - it is then that we can start living in alignment with all that is within us. We can show up each day as our authentic self. Our decisions become a reflection of what’s most important to us.

Call it a healing journey, a journey of self-discovery, a way to simplify or live with intention; the name doesn’t really matter. What matters is taking the first step to decide that you are done feeling stressed, anxious, or simply going through the motions of life. It’s deciding that you want more joy and energy; stronger, healthier relationships; or more peace and contentment. 

With deciding what it is that you want and where you want to go, you begin the journey. 

If you’re looking for support on your journey, whether it is taking your first step on a yoga mat, looking for someone to hold space for you as you explore options, or wanting to connect with others in a group setting, Heart and Wings Yoga provides a variety of wellness services to meet the needs of all people, including individuals, couples, and groups.

If you would like to learn more about how yoga, coaching, and mindfulness can help you reduce stress and achieve greater health and wellness in your life and relationships, we invite you to contact us.