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Do you wish you could let go of the pressure of having to do everything just right? You juggle your responsibilities, strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide the best for your loved ones, but it never seems to be enough. You just want more joy, deeper connections, and perhaps even chocolate cake - all without the guilt!

The chronic stress of striving for perfection and holding everything together can take a toll on your health, well-being and relationships. However, when you take the time to honor how you are feeling and give yourself the same compassion you extend to others, not only will you live healthier and happier, but your relationships will also be healthier and happier! 

By making the intention to Live Mindfully, Not Perfectly, you will be truly present to enjoy the moments that matter most. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and drained, you will feel confident, energized and content. 

The practices of yoga support you in creating a healthy lifestyle with ease - one with less stress, more joy and a stronger connection with the people you love most! 



Yoga, Therapy, and Mindfulness

Heart and Wings Yoga offers personalized individual and small group yoga therapy sessions as well as classes  to support the needs of organizations. We have options for both virtual and in-person sessions/classes.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions

Personalized yoga therapy sessions can help you feel nourished - mentally, emotionally, and physically. When you take the time to honor your wellbeing, you are not only healthier and happier, but your relationships also thrive. By developing habits that allow you to feel calm, confident, and at peace, you will be able to create the connections and contentment you want with your family and friends. Therapy sessions are available as individual and small groups sessions.

Group Classes

Group Classes

Mindfulness, Yoga, and Wellness classes are customizable and can be offered in a school, workplace or community setting. Ideas for group classes include traditional Yoga Flow, Mindful Eating, Stress Management Techniques, Holistic Wellness, Better Sleep Strategies, and Mindfulness in Parenting.

Remote Yoga Classes

Remote Yoga Classes

Remote yoga classes give you the attention and energy of a live teacher without having to leave your home. You can even stay in savasana for as long as you like! Classes can be for an individual's personal practice or a fun date idea! Wellness & Mindfulness Classes are also available as a private or small group virtual session.


Get Results You Deserve


Danielle B.

My time with Stephanie was wonderful! She helped me make progress on my goals with a kind, caring, and compassionate hand. My weekly sessions with her helped to keep me focused and hold me accountable. Stephanie is so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable sharing my personal goals. You can tell she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend Coach Stephanie!

About Stephanie

I am a Yoga Teacher (RYT 500hr), Certified Mindfulness and Wellness Coach, and a Yoga Therapist. I been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years! It has helped me to find balance and calm in the busyness of life – and in parenting!! I started Heart and Wings Yoga, LLC in 2021 to share my passion for holistically reducing stress and being more mindful. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve taught virtual yoga classes, often with students joining in from around the globe! I love seeing the transformation that happens when people discover the healing and freedom that comes from an honest exploration of yoga and its many practices and philosophies!

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If you would like to learn more about how Yoga, Therapy and Mindfulness can help you and/or your family or team reduce stress and achieve greater health and wellness in your life and relationships, please schedule your free discovery call today by visiting our contact page.