Welcome to Heart and Wings Yoga

Our mission is to provide yoga and mindfulness services to schools and community organizations to support the health and well-being of their staff, faculty, students and families so that they can thrive with greater intention and more meaningful relationships. 

Heart and Wings Yoga is rooted in the belief that we are social beings and we enjoy our greatest well-being when we have authentic connections with others. Studies continue to highlight the importance of relationships and how they affect our mental, emotional, and physical health. However, stress, anxiety, and depression can make it difficult to have these relationships. The demands and busyness of life, past experiences, and our thoughts can all impact our ability to make strong connections. When we are able to see ourselves as whole and establish inner peace and balance, we are more easily able to have the connections we want to make life more meaningful.

By developing practices in mindfulness and yoga - on and off the mat - you will better learn to regulate your emotions and enjoy greater peace, confidence, and contentment in life and in your relationships - whether that’s as a spouse, parent, friend, or co-worker.

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health: safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.” Dr. Bessel van der Kolk


About Stephanie

I have been on my yoga journey for more than 20 years! My yoga practice has helped me to find balance and calm in the busyness of life – and in parenting!! It has also supported me along my own healing journey towards greater authenticity and peace. My journey led me to being a Yoga Teacher (RYT 500hr), Certified Mindfulness Coach and I am in the process of becoming a Yoga Therapist. I also have certifications in Health and Life Coaching that are accredited by the International Coaching Federation and I’m certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. I am passionate about supporting others along their journey!I started Heart and Wings Yoga, LLC in 2021 to do just that!! I believe that when people are living out their values and purpose they are healthier and happier and it lays the foundation for healthy, authentic relationships.  Throughout the pandemic, I’ve taught virtual yoga classes, often with students joining in from around the globe! I love seeing the transformation that happens when people discover the healing and freedom that comes from an honest exploration of yoga and its many practices and philosophies!Before starting Heart and Wings Yoga, I worked in a school district providing mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness support services to families, staff, and students. I also served as a Board of Director member for a local food pantry that supported more than 400 families each month. In partnership with the food pantry, I worked with a retired Navy Captain to help create a new ministry to serve Veterans with PTSD. We started with two Veterans and soon were providing food and other support services to more than 50 Veterans each month.I have two children: Benjamin, 12, and Rayna, 9. We enjoy cooking, baking, riding bikes, reading, and playing games.