As important as connections are to a purposeful, happy, meaningful living, anxiety can make it difficult to create or maintain healthy connections. Our anxious thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors impede the steps needed to enter into relationships, whether it’s as friends, romantically, or otherwise. And if we do have those necessary connections with others, oftentimes our anxiety can create tension, unsteadiness, or distance.

We can doubt our self-worth to be in a relationship. Our thoughts may be consumed by what others are thinking of us. We play the game of what ifs. We can become too dependent on a relationship or avoid relationships altogether. We overthink, overanalyze, and worry excessively.

We may experience an uneasiness or nervousness without being able to identify what is activating it. We may feel tense, restless, and it may be difficult to relax. We can respond to our anxiety by trying to make sure everything, including ourselves, is perfect, which leads to excess stress. 

We may become emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. This can make it difficult to want to engage in many activities. We can feel physical discomfort, headaches, and a nervous stomach. We may find ourselves easily distracted and have difficulties making decisions. 

Does this mean we have to settle for being lonely or less than satisfying relationships? No, not at all! 

There are ways to minimize and manage the anxiety that could be stopping you from engaging in or sustaining healthy, authentic, lasting relationships. First, is to bring awareness to your anxiety:

  • Explore the root causes of anxiety. Is there unhealed trauma? Is there an unaddressed story or limiting belief?
  • What are the specific triggers of your anxiety? 
  • What is the message that you keep telling yourself? What is your inner voice saying?

Once you start peeling back the layers of your anxiety, you can start addressing each one and reducing the impact it has on your relationships.  

Coaching sessions provide a safe space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and actions around your anxiety and the support to take the next steps to have thoughts that bring us acceptance, peace, and confidence. Journaling, positive self-talk, meditations, and breathwork all help support the process. 

When you bring awareness to your thoughts and emotions and ask yourself, “What is true?” then you can begin to use the tools you’ve learned to replace the negative, anxious, and limiting thoughts with those that will serve you, your intention, and your relationships.

Anxiety isn’t something that anyone can be “cured” of. It is natural to experience some anxiety, whether it’s from an upcoming evaluation, performance, or special event. Anxiety is unavoidable, however having the tools to manage it so that it doesn’t limit your ability to connect and maintain those connections is critical for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

If anxiety is keeping you from pursuing or sustaining a romantic relationship, casual friendships, or work relations, coaching may be a great option for you. At Heart and Wings Yoga, we can share tools to help reduce your anxiety and improve your relationship with yourself and others. We are located in Rochester, NY and offer services locally and throughout the United States. If you're ready to learn more, we invite you to schedule your free discovery call today by visiting our secure contact page

“Connection is why we’re here; it gives us purpose and meaning to our lives.” Brene Brown