This themed class provides an opportunity to practice yoga as well as a time for reflection or journaling. It is an all-levels yoga class - no experience needed. Movements on the mat help prepare you for journaling. Examples of themes include: gratitude, self-compassion, letting be, and focus.

*One-time or series of classes.

Yin, Restorative or Slow-Flow. There will be an invitation to use props throughout the class. No yoga experience needed. Classes can also be combined with other Yoga practices such as a meditation, gratitude or surrender activity, or a wellness topic.

*Single or class series.

Stress is inevitable! However, with the right tools, it can be managed so it doesn’t consume you. This class is geared to provide an overview of various stress management tools that you can begin implementing right away. You’ll gain a better understanding of the impact that stress can have on your health and well-being, including your relationships, as well as the difference between acute and chronic stress.

*One or two classes; part of class package

Yoga is more than movements on a mat! It isn’t a religion. It isn’t just for people who can stand on their heads or eat granola! Yoga is something we can practice on and off a mat. In this class, you’ll learn how it can help you reduce stress, compliment your faith and grow in compassion for yourself and others. Bring your questions and let’s take a deeper dive into what yoga is and isn’t.

*SIngle class - overview; series of classes or workshop

Inclusive Family Preschool Yoga class is a combination of yoga movements, mindfulness, music, and stories for parent/ guardian and child (3-6) to enjoy together. There will be time for the little ones to shake their wiggles out, but also practice being still. Each themed class will support a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and gross motor development.  Families will learn tools to bring more calm into each day and support their overall wellbeing. 
No yoga experience is necessary to join the class.

Creative Well-being for Teens is a class specifically designed to support teens with the increasing stress and anxiety they face on a daily basis. Each class is a safe space for you to develop ways for self-expression and to honor the journey you are on. A variety of tools will be shared in each class including yoga movements, journaling, affirmations, mindfulness, and self-care practices

***Option to have the class as co-ed and/or one just for boys and one for girls.
*Single class or series of classes; or workshop

Parenting is stressful! But with some mindfulness tools, you can feel better equipped to more calmly handle the ups and downs of parenting. In this class you’ll learn some ideas for managing stressful situations in the moment as well as tips for honoring your own health and well-being. This is an interactive class with time for questions and discussion. You’ll also get tangible action steps you can practice between classes.

*Class series 

***Option to have a class for parenting younger children and one for parenting teenagers

It’s not just what we eat that plays a role in our health and wellbeing, but also how we are eating. If you find that you are eating all the right foods, yet still not feeling good in your body or have the energy you want, then perhaps it’s how you are eating that is impacting the results you desire. This class will help you learn the benefits of mindful eating and how to eat more mindfully. You will get tips and action steps that will fit into your lifestyle. 


*One or two classes; or part of a class package